Thursday 2 July 2015

Bird mess

Well that's us finished a bird proofing job in  Penrith feral pigeons were roosting on gutters, pipes and windowsills, there droppings (guano) was staining the walls, fouling the pavement etc which cause multiple hazards and smells
did you know that the guano carries numerous very harmful diseases such as Salmonella, Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis but to name a few,
once we removed the guano and disinfected the affected areas we fitted bird spikes and bird free gel to all ledges, sills that pigeons were roosting on , please remember that removing bird guano requires the correct PPE (personnel protective equipment ) and is a specialist task , so if you have got a problem with bird pests give us a call at Border Pest Control on 07786023584

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