Sunday 20 January 2019


There are lots of moles about at this time of year , so if you have them on your land and you want rid of them give me a call , over 35 years experience so know what to do 

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Looks like there going to be a lot of wasps this year , treated our first wasp nest for 2018 today there were actually 2 nests in the shed and both had queen wasps in

Saturday 19 May 2018

due to requests from clients old and new we have now extended the services we can provide to
Extreme Cleaning, General Rubbish and waste removal ,  Pressure Washing

we have recently completed an Extreme cleaning job , were over 20 dogs had been living in a cottage  , after the owner had been evicted we were asked to clean , disinfect , remove rubbish and contaminated furniture
all the floors were covered in dog faeces  and urine , the outhouses/kennels were the dogs were lying were just laden with dog dirt , once we had carried out initial disinfection and fumigation  and scraped the dog dirt of floors , we removed any furniture that was left , stripped out all kitchen units, , removed laminate flooring from 4 rooms, carpets and lino from stairs hallway and kitchen the cottage was then deodorized numerous times , all outhouses etc were pressured washed , we also removed rubbish from garden and sheds ,see some photos we took

This warm weather is starting to fetch insect pests out,  we have been busy dealing  with ants, carpet beetles, Flies, also had 3 call outs to remove bees  , still getting calls for rats and mice , this good weather will also start the wasps active

Friday 3 November 2017

good day today did 4 rat jobs , but best of all got confirmation to start a massive seagull proofing job nearly 500 meters of spikes required

Monday 31 July 2017

 This is our specialist services pressure washing a fire escape and yard that's was covered in pigeon guano , we can clean any surface with the latest hi pressure washers we use , we can also decontaminate / clean external buildings of pigeon and seagull mess

this is another problem seagulls can cause on roofs , we were called out to a premises were maggots were dropping from the roof into shop below , as there was no immediate access on to the roof we had to hire a cherry picker to gain access . on the roof  found the remains of this seagull directly above area were the maggots were falling into shop , the maggots had crawled  off the bird and gone under the ridge and dropped through the gap between cladding , whilst on the roof we found another dead gull